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    I do not belong inside the concrete jungle where the air grows thick with fumes and destruction. I belong where I can feel the earth with my bare feet and the rivers flow peacefully beneath the lush trees and their melodic friends. I belong with nature ~

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    i hope this woman lives forever

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  6. Don’t mind the drive to work


  7. Me everyday

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    Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Thank you for everything.



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    I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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  12. I think a chick broke it off with me recently because the sex we had wasn’t perfect. The one time we had done the deed I was sun burned and I had already done my due diligence in her regard… Funny when one bad experience ruins shit, even when it’s not bad, pretty vain outlook and naive to think sparks are gonna fly and the earths gonna move the first time you hook up with someone…


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  14. I miss that dog so much